Healthcare Software Solution Development

Building on our experience with healthcare organizations,HatchWorks has the ability to understand your technical requirements and organizational needs.

The Need for a Digital-first Strategy

Healthcare providers are experiencing unprecedented challenges. According to Gartner, 63% of providers have faced severe disruptions due to internal organizational changes, cost pressure, regulation and compliance, lack of funding, and shifting consumer demands. Can you relate?

These challenges—among many others—require you and your healthcare organization to embrace a digital-first strategy that prioritizes engagement, interaction, and innovative products and services. 

By building new and enhanced software products that deliver unique, valuable experiences, we are enabling the organizations that provide critical healthcare services to work smarter and more efficiently.

Whether you want to deliver a healthcare service or product in a unique way, support complex workflows or care approaches, or leverage data for valuable insights and outcomes, HatchWorks has the expertise you need. We work with:

  • Organizations with intellectual property or science-based approaches 
  • Private healthcare organizations 
  • Device users and manufacturers 

Our Healthcare Solutions

Organizations including Spring Hills, Integrated Care Solutions and more have trusted HatchWorks to create custom healthcare management, claims, and analytics solutions.

Healthcare management software
Healthcare claims processing software
Healthcare analytics software

We Specialize In

  • HIPAA and accessibility compliance
  • Population health and cohort identification and management
  • Program and administrative controls to manage contractual relationships
    • Payment models
    • At-risk contracts
  • Standard data library integration
  • Critical functionality to support flexible clinical care management approaches
  • Analytics / BI
    • Productivity and workload analytics
    • Financial benchmarking
    • Measurement of value-based care outcomes
  • Patient transition through care settings tracking
  • Patient medical record management
  • Data / system integration and processing 
    • Claims data processing
    • IOT device data
    • ADT (admissions, discharges and transfer)

How We Ensure Your Success

Building on our experience with healthcare organizations, HatchWorks has the ability to understand your technical requirements and organizational needs. Our full lifecycle software development service includes:

Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Strategy

Define the “why” and “who” of your product idea, and prioritize the problems your solution will solve.

Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Design-

Envision and rapidly prototype the “what” and “how” of your solution, and map how to deliver incremental value to your customers.

Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Development

Leverage our proven framework for developing your product in an Agile, iterative fashion using the Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.

Data Intelligence Services- Analytics_Application Management
Application Management

Benefit from cloud automation and efficiency, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and maintain your application for a flat monthly fee.

Just a few of the great companies that have relied on HatchWorks to achieve success.