Product Fundamentals

Define and validate
your product's success.

Our iterative methodologies help build the foundation for your product.

Market Analysis & Validation

Validate you are targeting a viable market that is large enough to matter, yet small enough to win.

Competitive Analysis

Gain insight into your known and up-and-coming competition vying for your customer's time, attention, and wallet.

Stakeholder & User Research

Capture input from those with a vested interest in the outcomes of your project and get insight directly from the end-users who will be hands-on with your product.

Prototyping & MVP Definition

Ideate, test, and iterate at low fidelity to validate your hypothesis and determine the initial focus of your MVP solution.

Validate before you build.

Create clarity and
focus on what to build.

Shorten time to market
and time to value.

Frederick John, Former VP Global Product Management, Diebold Nixdorf.
HatchWorks is a true product partner, not just a delivery shop. They understand product processes and think like I do.
Frederick John
VP, Global Product Management, Banking
Diebold Nixdorf logo.
Gain confidence that you are building the right
product for the right user.
A three-set Venn diagram displaying the relationship between product, demand, and competition.
Learn how HatchWorks accelerates your time to value through continuous discovery and continuous delivery.

Product Management

We help set and maintain a course for your product, defining business needs and prioritizing the features that will deliver the utmost value to your customers.

Maintain alignment throughout the development process with detailed requirements and user stories that drive the comprehensive, successful implementation of your product.

Product managers prioritizing features.

Product Roadmap Definition

Feature Planning
& Prioritization


User Story

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See how HatchWorks integrated with the internal product and design team of a nationwide workforce solutions firm—enabling them to evolve their product vision and strategy and launch a successful beta product.
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